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openmsx::Y8950Adpcm Class Referencefinal

#include <Y8950Adpcm.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 Y8950Adpcm (Y8950 &y8950, const DeviceConfig &config, const std::string &name, unsigned sampleRam)
 ~Y8950Adpcm ()
void clearRam ()
void reset (EmuTime::param time)
bool isMuted () const
void writeReg (byte rg, byte data, EmuTime::param time)
byte readReg (byte rg, EmuTime::param time)
byte peekReg (byte rg, EmuTime::param time)
int calcSample ()
void sync (EmuTime::param time)
void resetStatus ()
template<typename Archive >
void serialize (Archive &ar, unsigned version)
- Public Member Functions inherited from openmsx::Schedulable
virtual void schedulerDeleted ()
 Just before the the Scheduler is deleted, it calls this method of all the Schedulables that are still registered. More...
SchedulergetScheduler () const
EmuTime::param getCurrentTime () const
 Convenience method: This is the same as getScheduler().getCurrentTime(). More...
template<typename Archive >
void serialize (Archive &ar, unsigned version)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from openmsx::Schedulable
 Schedulable (Scheduler &scheduler)
 ~Schedulable ()
void setSyncPoint (EmuTime::param timestamp, int userData=0)
bool removeSyncPoint (int userData=0)
void removeSyncPoints ()
bool pendingSyncPoint (int userData=0) const
bool pendingSyncPoint (int userData, EmuTime &result) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file Y8950Adpcm.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::Y8950Adpcm ( Y8950 y8950,
const DeviceConfig config,
const std::string &  name,
unsigned  sampleRam 

Definition at line 47 of file

References clearRam().

openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::~Y8950Adpcm ( )

Definition at line 59 of file

Member Function Documentation

int openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::calcSample ( )

Definition at line 426 of file

Referenced by sync().

void openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::clearRam ( )

Definition at line 63 of file

Referenced by Y8950Adpcm().

bool openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::isMuted ( ) const

Definition at line 94 of file

byte openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::peekReg ( byte  rg,
EmuTime::param  time 

Definition at line 305 of file

References sync().

Referenced by readReg().

byte openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::readReg ( byte  rg,
EmuTime::param  time 

Definition at line 296 of file

References peekReg(), and sync().

void openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::reset ( EmuTime::param  time)
void openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::resetStatus ( )

Definition at line 328 of file

References openmsx::Y8950::setStatus(), and openmsx::Y8950::STATUS_BUF_RDY.

template<typename Archive >
void openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::serialize ( Archive &  ar,
unsigned  version 
void openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::sync ( EmuTime::param  time)

Definition at line 111 of file

References calcSample().

Referenced by peekReg(), readReg(), and writeReg().

void openmsx::Y8950Adpcm::writeReg ( byte  rg,
byte  data,
EmuTime::param  time 

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